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Welcome to SmartBusa, this is the home of the Suzuki Hayabusa powered Smart ForTwo.

Whether you've seen the car in the flesh, interested to know about it or would like to see the build of the car you've come to the right place!

The SmartBusa started life as any other Smart ForTwo, 600cc 3-cylinder turbo producing 50hp and weighing 730kg, but not for long..

Purchased at the start of 2009 the SmartBusa is going through a transformation, the start of the search for big power, a new Smart ForTwo. Powered by a Suzuki Hayabusa 1300R 4-cylinder 185BHP engine the SmartBusa will push forward from the rest, with a menecing growl compared but with the same exterior look and feel.

With a precisely designed subframe with a reduced weight from the original 730KG, as well as numerious amount of race spec parts the SmartBusa will accelerate with ease while the RPM's reach towards 11'000.

So remember when your at the lights next to a Smart ForTwo, this may be the one that fights back.